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Increase cross selling and upselling

One of the greatest needs of online businesses is to increase the average number of products in an order and increase their value. We often want to push customers to purchase complementary products to those already chosen and accompany them towards higher-end products. These are ambitious goals that require complex strategies.


Here's what we can do for you. We develop cross-selling and upselling strategies that are the result of our business experience and of technologies in support of generation and personalization of complementary products shown to users.
Thanks to data analysis, we identify correlations between products, we use tools based on AI to identify behavioral patterns and suggest the right products to each user, increasing the probability that they will buy another product or a more expensive one. We work closely with the internal teams to define the display rules according to the most profitable variables: markup, loyalty opportunities, product availability...

The impact on the business

Increase the turnover on customers who have already bought or decided to buy.

The team that will help you increase cross and upselling

  1. Technical skills and business knowledge.. At FIND, optimizing conversions and CX does not only mean analyzing an interface to change it. It means understanding what are the obstacles that hold back the turnover, or what are the missed opportunities that lead to invoicing a lot without marginalizing enough. It means knowing the dynamics of online businesses. A knowledge that we have and that we put at your service, to convert more and optimize your investments in advertising.

  2. Omnichannel. For us, this word precedes "conversion marketing" and "customer experience" because it defines the methodological approach. It means measuring every step of the customer journey; giving users’ feedback throughout the purchase process and both online and offline touchpoints.

  3. Qualitative and quantitative analysis. Listening, observing, understanding, empathizing with users. We go to the basis of each problem and propose solutions to optimize, simplify, redesign the user experience and, if necessary, the processes that generate it.

Other teams we could
involve in your project

The team that transforms data into knowledge of your audience, knowledge into insights and insights into strategic retention and business growth actions. Key word of this team: measurement.

A team that helps you start business online, bring it online and strengthen your digital presence. Take advantage of the opportunities that digital offers to communicate and sell, we support you in reducing risks and optimizing efforts and investments. Long story short: we generate profitability and performance.

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