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As users, we find ourselves in a rowdy crowd every day. We receive hundreds of advertising stimuli that often don’t meet our tastes, or the needs of the moment. We would just like to be able to find what we are looking for when we are looking for it. But it’s not easy. In the same crowd, there are companies like yours reaching out to earn their share of attention. Often with many investments and some unsuccessful attempts.

At FIND, we help you to intercept your audience, without wasting energy, time and money. We know how to reach people interested in your products, we know how to arouse curiosity in people who are not yet looking for your product. Together we will see your company increase its visibility, and then work together to translate this visibility into incremental revenue.

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Expand the share of voice and the awareness of the company, in order to increase the number of customers who enter or will enter the purchase funnel.

The team that will help you
to increase the visibility of your brand

  1. What this team does, in short: identifies the needs of your potential customers, so as to intercept them at the right time and with the right message; defines your target and plans advertising activities on the web and on the main social channels.
  2. From data to strategy. The work of the search and social advertising team starts from data analysis and continues with the activation of digital advertising channels suitable for achieving the objectives that we will establish together.
  3. A strategy that works on all the steps of the conversion funnel. The goal is to reach people interested in your company, and people who do not yet know it but who fall within your target. The ultimate goal? Having more and more customers knocking on your door.

Other teams we could
involve in your project


The team that intercepts your customers on the web, answers their questions and takes them straight to your site or e-commerce. This team will also help you discover new audience niches.

The team that transforms data into knowledge of your audience, knowledge into insights and insights into strategic retention and business growth actions. Key word of this team: measurement.

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