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We are FIND

We would like to tell you many things about us, in short these are fundamental words for us: sharing, collaboration and dialogue. We use them to seek online and offline growth solutions, achieve ambitious goals and obtain tangible results.

Here we are, we are FIND and we are performance researchers.

How we organized FIND to achieve your goals

Are you still here? Well then let us introduce you to the teams in which we FINDers are united. United, not divided, because the challenges that businesses face in the digital world are achieved by bringing together different skills, knowledge, experiences and personalities. We have learned how to do it.


Digital business strategy

E-commerce? Digital transformation? We bring your business online with a growth project. 

The team specialized in consulting and communication, sales and governance strategies. To optimize costs, investments, productivity and generate profit and efficiency in the short, medium and long term.

Francesco Borsetto

Francesco Borsetto

Head of Digital Transformation Consulting e Financial Advisor
Mattia Devoti

Mattia Devoti

Head of E-commerce Consulting

Francesco and Mattia introduce you to the team

Your team is ...

Our team is a team of consultants who are expert in defining and implementing digital strategies and in the ordinary and extraordinary management of activities along the entire value chain of a company.

We focus on business objectives and profitability of your channels and investments When necessary we involve specialized partners with whom we have consolidated relationships.

What goals do you help achieve?

If you have the main objective of starting or consolidating an online business project; and if you want to minimize economic and management risks, we are the people for you.

What are the benefits of working with you?

We have a pragmatic vision and a concrete approach to business. We are a team of managers with long experience in the management of strategic and operational activities. We have the goal of bringing our customers ambitious results and starting a long term growth path.

Why should a company rely on you?

Siamo persone e professionisti che hanno vissuto le sfide e le complessità che vivi tu, possiamo portarti a raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi di breve, medio e lungo periodo, che siano essi economici o di efficientamento delle attività.


Omnichannel conversion marketing e customer experience

We turn visitors into customers. We help your business to increase turnover without increasing investments in advertising. 

We have a business-driven approach to conversion marketing: thanks to qualitative and quantitative analysis and our experience, we redesign experiences and processes to remove all obstacles and lead users towards conversion.

Alice Morrone

Alice Morrone

Head of Omnichannel Conversion Marketing e Customer Experience

Alice introduce you to the team

Your team is ...

Our team is a team that accompanies you to reach (and exceed) your goals. Through effective strategies we convert people who enter your store without buying anything into customers.

Investigating the reasons why a person interested in your brand decides not to buy is essential to identify which doubts to resolve, which gaps to fill. For existing customers, our goal is to motivate them to buy more and spend more, with the pleasure of doing a good experience.

What goals do you help achieve?

We accompany users towards the purchase, we stimulate the purchase of more products and more frequently, not only in promotional periods. The ultimate goal is to get you billed more and better.

What are the benefits of working with you?

The opportunities are in the short, medium and long term.

Short term. We recover many transactions that are lost today, because we solve those problems that block or annoy a customer during the purchase phase.

Medium term. Customers buy more and more often because we make the purchasing journey easier. When every step is fluid, people buy with satisfaction. Such a pleasant experience generates a positive memory that motivates people to buy again.

Long term. We aim for concrete and measurable business results: revenue and margin growth, return on investment in conversion marketing and advertising. We work on listening and on tone of voice, we redesign internal processes and touchpoints to offer excellent customer experiences. None of these results are a end point: competitive environment, customer needs and technologies are constantly evolving. Only continuous optimization guarantees lasting results in the long term. ridisegniamo i processi interni e i touchpoint stessi per offrire esperienze eccellenti al cliente. Così fluide e piacevoli da essere memorabili. Ma, sia chiaro, nessuno di questi risultati sarà un punto di arrivo: il contesto competitivo è in continua evoluzione, i bisogni e i desideri dei clienti anche, la tecnologia a nostra disposizione pure. Solo l’ottimizzazione continua garantisce risultati duraturi nel lungo periodo.

Why should a company rely on you?

The first reason is our background, not purely technical but with a long business experience. Our vision of conversion marketing considers A / B testing only one of the tools available to achieve business objectives. We don't want to improve the conversion rate if the company doesn't invoice more and with a better margin. We are interested in bringing innovation that allows you to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. And we are interested in guiding you in creating a better experience.

The second reason is the "omnichannel" present in the name of the team: we want to bring the culture of measurement and optimization also in physical contexts, that is, in all phases of the customer journey. It’s more complex to measure offline behaviors, but this is the only way we have to turn into customers people who have abandoned the purchase path without leaving a trace of their disappointment, their doubts, their needs.

The third reason for choosing us is that we work in depth. Our focus is not only on the simple redesign of interface, but on listening and observing users and stakeholders. This can lead to questioning some business processes, in order to adapt them to market standards or to excel over standards. From marketing automation to logistics flow, from merchandising to customer care: each business process has a concrete impact on the final customer experience. So it must be subject to review if it generates dissatisfaction. Only at the end, we work on the design of interfaces, to offer customers the best experience.


Brandformance advertising (search, social, display, affiliation)

We activate the most suitable digital advertising channels to grow your business. 

The team that intercepts your target audience in the various steps of the conversion path and brings measurable results to your business. 

Marco Loguercio

Marco Loguercio


Marco introduce you to the team

Your team is ...

Our team focus on both the awareness and the conversion part, always working in synergy according to the acquisition and business objectives in the short, medium and long term.

Our skill is to make the best use of data and tools we adopt, in order to be able to reach both those who may already be in the purchase window, and those who do not yet know the brand, but who may be interested in.

We are search advertising experts Thanks to our analysis and data from our Search in Italy observatory, we know how to identify the informational needs of those who would like to buy, so as to intercept them at the right time, with the right message. We have professional knowledge of the major search engines: Google, Bing, Yandex. But we also consider the impact that other search properties, used in the evaluation and purchase phase (such as Amazon), could have.

We are social advertising experts: we know how, when and how much the people we would like to reach use them, we define targets and plan the advertising activities on the main social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

We work closely with many players in the digital ecosystem: dynamic, programmatic and display remarketing, affiliate marketing, lead generation. We also interact with the SEO team, because the path to purchase is not linear: there are so many research and contact points and we know how to manage them.

What goals do you help achieve?

We help you make your site a business driver: we intercept audiences interested in your brand to increase online and offline sales.

We are able to accelerate the performance of campaigns by reviewing them in every detail, from organizational to operational ones.

What are the benefits of working with you?

  1. We help you work strategically: what we do is always inserted in the ecosystem of marketing, advertising, communication of the company.
  2. We optimize the synergy between the different steps of the customer journey: we work with an omni and multichannel approach.
  3. We offer you a proactive approach. Technical skills and continuous updating are our keys for a strategic consultancy.
  4. We are independent and boutique: this means that we work according to your objectives in a transparent way, without ulterior motives.

Why should a company rely on you?

Because we are so focused on our customers that you will feel like you are working with colleagues and not with an external partner. We have chosen to be a boutique agency for this reason: we want to follow a few customers, but do it at our best.


Digital analytics e business intelligence

Not just numbers, but strategic actions to grow your business. 

The team that transforms data into knowledge of your audience, knowledge into insights and insights into strategic retention and business growth actions. Key word of this team: measurement.

Alessandro Fronteddu

Alessandro Fronteddu​

Head of Web Analytics & Data Intelligence

Alessandro introduce you to the team

Your team is ...

Our team helps you understand the progress of your online business and get to know your customers and prospects better. We study, design and apply an effective web analytics strategy, with an approach that we like to define as "insight driven", that is, able to always offer you new ideas and "actionable" indications.

We also optimize your web analytics platform: we make sure it is correctly configured to measure project performance and always give you correct and reliable data. Furthermore, if you need a more in-depth analysis, we also have an ad hoc service that will provide you outputs in the most useful form to you (analysis documents, executive dashboards...), in full compliance with privacy regulations.

In short, we are an ally who works by your side to transform data and numbers into indications that will help your marketing team choose, make decisions and act.

What goals do you help achieve?

We will help you bring the measurement culture into your business: not only a data collection, it will become your key tool for achieving results.

What are the benefits of working with you?

The people who choose us have the opportunity to work with professionals who have a strong propensity to problem solving and to understanding client's needs. We transform these needs into complete and actionable web analytics strategies.

Why should a company rely on you?

Because we have a reinforced know-how.
Because we know platforms, we know how to use them, but above all we know how they work.
Because we know how to analyze data from a business point of view, contextualizing them in the present and evolutionary scenario.
Why we create tailor-made solutions: we hardly offer the same solution to two different customers.
Because we use standards to build solid strategies.


SEO – Search Experience Optimization

A website is useful when it responds to your audience needs and to the goals of your brand. At FIND we know how to help you build it and make it evolve.

Our job is to understand the motivations and the objectives of user searches. We use this information on your site to intercept these people in the search results and bring them to purchase. We want to reach new goals, and give you a competitive advantage. This is Search Experience Optimization for FIND, and this is the reason why we bring above average results.

Federico Cima

Federico Cima​

Head of SEO

Federico, head of SEO, ti presenta il team

Your team is ...

a team that provides customers with all the skills, experiences and methodologies necessary to reach the objectives: technical and programming skills, user experience, content and copy, search intelligence and behavioral analysis, creative aspects, strategic consulting, web analytics…

Compared to other companies that entrust the project to a single specialist, a SEO project managed by FIND can be carried out in collaboration with 6 or 7 specialists of different teams. This allows us to better analyze and understand users' needs and actions. In order to intercept them with valuable information, from a present and future perspective, so as to be ahead of the competition and seek the competitive advantage.

What goals do you help achieve?

Most companies don't understand the real impact that the information search engines publish on themselves has a key asset. Today, the first point of contact with a company is the results of a Google research.

We want to help you sell more. And because we know the importance of information found through search engines for a business, we work on every detail, to intercept there new customers and to turn search engines into a communication tool for us to present the company at its best. Today the conversion begins before entering the site. At FIND we know this and we strive to make our customers seize all present and future opportunities.

What are the benefits of working with you?

FIND customers have at their disposal a team with high technical and relational skills: the whole project team is involved in the various phases, including the personal relationship with the customer. So FIND clients will have the opportunity to communicate directly with our specialists, this means short deployment time and effective communications.

Furthermore, we do knowledge sharing: a customer informed about the value of what we do is a more aware and enthusiastic customer.

Why should a company rely on you?

We have skills and experience. We are pioneers of SEO in Italy (an expertise that started in 1996, before Google) and we have always interpreted it in its strategic vision, always inserted in the client companies context. 

If we bring more results than others it’s because in FIND, SEO is above all understanding the informational users needs; if you want to convert people into customers it’s not enough for them to find you; they must be able to find all that information that is important to them. This is what we do for our customers.

We are picky: to develop the right SEO strategy we take the necessary time, in order to create a personalized growth plan.

Siamo quindi in grado di consigliarti non solo su cosa funziona lato SEO, ma anche su cosa è necessario fare per emergere in un determinato mercato (sia italiano che internazionale).



What’s the difference between a project and a well-managed project? Choose FIND and you wil find out. 

The team that welcomes your requests, activates the teams, coordinates projects in each step, updates you, listens to you and manages relationships with third party partners.

Matteo Pecora - FIND Team

Matteo Pecora

Head of Account Management

Matteo introduce you to the team

Your team is ...

What holds together all the professionals involved in the search and performance marketing and digital transformation projects we do.

We support companies and brands to redefine business processes and verify that operations and workflows are aligned with strategy, objectives and targets.

We coordinate the teams and work alongside our customers for the management of relationships with all third-party partners.

We coordinate the teams and work alongside our customers for the management of relationships with all third-party partners.

FIND customers know they can always contact their reference account manager, who will be able to identify the best solution to respond to all their requests.

Why should a company rely on you?

We present ourselves to clients as a “boutique agency”, which means that FIND knows the real value it is able to generate through its consulting activities.

FIND's team of account managers is the guarantor of this strong value proposition. In the digital world, many claim to be partners, a FIND account manager knows how to be a partner at 360 degrees.

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